Antonello Galipò

About me

A geek with a passion for Yoga and stuff.

In love with Yoga, I dedicate as much of my time as possible, practicing both physically and mentally.
I’m currently studying for teaching Yoga and I’ll get my first certification as a Yoga teacher on December 2021.
Currently one of the lead organizers and speaker for the GDG Milan community.
Focused on mobile development, I’m enthusiast about Virtual and Augmented Reality and about everything that enhances the human interaction with the world through technology.
Other than that, I enjoy watching TV shows, playing video games and board games, traveling and cooking.


A Flutter lover with an Android heart.

My main area of interest is mobile development.
In my experience I had the opportunity to work with other areas too, ranging from front end to backend, passing by computer graphics, IoT and AR/VR.





The road so far...

Senior Engineer


January 2022 - Current

Senior Flutter Developer

@Crispy Bacon Srl

March 2019 - November 2021

A2A Toolbox App

One man team for the mobile front end of the A2A CityEye platform, which allows to perform queries on the data gathered by iot sensors placed all around the territory.
The app is provided as a tool for installation personnel, allowing to perform installations, substitutions, replacements and other operations in an easy way through the app.
After a kickoff, the project was passed to another developer (I was moved due to organization necessities to another) who completed last tasks and brought it to production.

TooA app

One of a 4 developers team, I've mentored junior devs about Flutter and actively participating to the development of an app which interacts via bluetooth with a domestic machine for ice cream production and allows the customer to purchase products (machines, pods for making ice cream) from an eCommerce platform (Salesforce) and browse through contents offered by a CMS (strapi).

Widiba Banking App

Member of a 2 people team of Flutter developers working on the Widiba banking app, leading the tech aspects of the project. Working strictly side by side with the designers, my job is to mix clean coding with development of high customised Widgets and business logic structures in order to meet edge design demands while keeping a maintainable, future proof codebase which satisfies the functional demands. Brought the app in production on March 2020, after starting and leading the project from scratch.

Android Developer and Full Stack Developer

@Ubiquicom Srl

November 2017 - March 2019

I’ve worked on the TrackVision project, which sees involved a cloud-connected multitude of devices used for 360° diagnostic of industrial vehicles. As an Android developer I’ve worked on a companion app for spatial calibrations using the Android fused sensors. As a full-stack dev, my job is to maintain, improve and enhance the TrackVision Web Application, which is used by the customers to access data and configurations.


Products and experiments

Yogamilan App

Freelance work carried out in parallel with my full time job which involved the development of an application for the Yoga studio I currently practice to. The app allows the user to check notifications, Facebook feed from the studio, see available lessons and manage their bookings. Developed with Flutter, the app is available in both Play Store and App Store, under the publisher “Tobabo Srl” who provided me the deployment certificates.

And many smaller ones...